Chronic stress can derail you, big-time.

It's easy to get caught up in the cycle of stress and hustle without taking a food, sunshine or mental break. And before you know it, you're wired, exhausted and back to the grind the next day. 

Chronic stress might seem "normal" but it's not. It's harmful and can be debilitating if not managed with daily nourishment and self-care. 

And sometimes you just need a nudge to slow down, come up for air, and give yourself a big dose of TLC to keep it together.

That's why I created this resource!

The Chronic Stress Survival Cheat-Sheet gives you 15 simple and practical tips to nourish, recharge and support yourself when you're in chronic stress mode. 

Think of these tips as low-hanging fruit. Your basic non-negotiables. Your gentle reminders to pause, check-in and give yourself the boost you need. 

Download it, print it off and refer to it often. 

I'd love to hear how you use it, so let me know! 

xo - Mux

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